Lighting rebates and incentives for energy efficient lighting retrofit projects are surging. In 2012, energy efficiency incentive programs totaled $6.8 billion, a 26% increase over 2011 ($5.4 billion), and a 55% increase over 2009 ($4.4 billion), according to the Consortium for energy Efficiency. Today, more than $6 billion in commercial lighting rebates and other incentives are offered by utilities and energy efficiency organizations covering some 80% of the United States. LED replacement lamps for interior and exterior lighting.

Utilities and energy efficiency organizations – – offer these incentives as a least-cost resource planning strategy based on the understanding that it is more cost-effective to reward customers for reducing demand than to expand supply with costly new power plants.

As of late, lighting controls have begun to play a much larger part. In fact, the number of rebate programs available for lighting controls has almost tripled since 2009, covering occupancy and vacancy sensors, photosensors, daylight dimming systems and automatic time-based controls.

The most popular control rebate is for occupancy sensors; out of all the control rebates and incentives available, 50% are for remote-mounted occupancy sensors, followed by wallbox occupancy sensors with 23% and fixture-mounted with 14%.

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